This is a fully equipped studio to handle even the largest recording sessions with an impressive recording space and a unique vibe.



The vision and goal can be a crucial component to the recording process.  The producers that call Arc House Studios “home” do so for a reason.


Once the initial recording is complete, layers and additional parts can add the final flavors.  The permanent amps set up, “money” guitars hanging next to the console and tasty heads at your fingertips, make overdubs exceptionally fast and easy to accomplish.


The perfectly symmetrical control room has been designed and treated to give a universal listening pallet.  Sound and workflow are top priority that allow for mixing in the modern scene. 


Arc House studios is equipped with some serious tools for mastering….. Manley SLAM!...enough said?


Turning 30 vocal takes into one, or making a drummer never miss a beat.  Its not everyone’s favorite, but can be a vital step in the recording process.  At least, while editing, you’ll have the comfort of a big screen TV, soothing atmosphere… and a hypnotic lava lamp that keeps everyone from going crazy!


Arc House Studios can be rented out to any qualified musician, engineer, or producer.  Studio A can be rented daily, weekly or monthly without the presence of Arc House Studios staff if desired.  Studio B is for rent on a monthly or yearly basis.  


Arc House Studios live room is available for rent as a jam space. No need to worry about neighbours, and play all day or night long in this acoustically treated space. This creative space is beloved by those that write and rehearse here.